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AMUSEMENT RIDE TICKET PURCHASE (Only available when rides are open)

To help improve the guest experience and reduce queuing times for our amusement ride tickets - we are trialing purchasing them online and collecting on arrival at our admission kiosks

You may wish to consider a £10.00 wristband for unlimited rides, available at our Information Centre within Knowsley Safari.

Do leave plenty of arrival time as tickets will be non-refundable. We cannot guarentee all amusement rides will be open.

Please check the rides available for your child's height below. (You can skip this step by clicking continue below).

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Amusement Ride Ticket
One ticket per ride per child.
£2.00£2.00 £0.00
Total:    £0.00

Children below 1.1m cannot ride on our Tidal Force Pirate Ship or Swings Chairs

If you are over 0.9m you can ride on your own on:

  • The Bumble Bees (sorry, no adults allowed)
  • The Honey Pots*
  • The Mini Pirate Ship*
  • Roundabout*
*One Adult may accompany paying child free.

If you are over 1.1m you can ride on:

  • Carousel*
  • Jungle Dodgems*
  • Equatorial express Lakeside Train

    :- Each train passenger requires a ticket or wristband, for this ride extra tickets can be purchased with the driver.

  • Rattlesnake*
  • Star dancer*
  • Swing Chairs**
  • Tidal Force Pirate Ship**
  • Ranger patrol*
  • *One adult may accompany paying child free. **If child meets height restriction (1.1m+) one adult may ride free per paying child.